Inventor of Aura Camera

How Guy Coggins went from Ion Air Cleaning Technology to making an Aura Camera that works, as well as from Aura Detection Technology to Virtual Reality

MindVR, a virtual reality content provider, is a spin-off of Aura Imaging. The technology we developed for the Aura Camera is now used as the engine behind the technology we use for Virtual Reality. Aura Imaging was a spin-off from Progen, which “Stands for Professional Ion Generators.” We were the largest Ion Generator manufacturer in the world. 

My Ion Air Cleaner business company was born in the 1970’s. I used the technology that was used to detect ions to build the Aura Camera. Then I used the Aura Camera technology and created MindVR, a Virtual Reality content provider. Please take a look at If you or someone you know have a 3D-VR viewer, you can see Cardi-B, President Clinton, and many others in our virtual world; the experience is like you are standing right next to them. It looks so realistic that it feels like you can physically touch them if you reach out.  After 40 years, I have now returned to the clean air business because of the Covid-19 virus.



You can see how ions remove smoke and most other particles too.


Modern technology high power Ion air cleaners: sold for over 30 years. See the historic video.




Ion powered safety mask:

Our Ion Mask puts the ion emitter where it works best, producing a cloud of invisible negative ions that cause the particles and droplets to fall out of the air. Ion Mask has similar specifications to the Ion pendant. Our Ion Mask includes five KN95 masks, two 9V batteries and 5 extra KN95 masks for:  $55.00

If you want long life rechargeable batteries, you can go to search for EBL 9V Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries (2PC) and Smart 9V Battery Charger or choose one that you prefer.

Ion Pendant:


Wearable necklace design and mini size for easy carry convenience, practical to purify the surrounding air in daily life.

6 million negative ions! Each cubic centimeter creates a fresher personal space for you!

Very quiet during operation, no more worry about noise when you are working or taking a rest. Easy to operate, press button two seconds for on and off.

USB charging, up to 24 hours of long-lasting working time after fully charged for 30 minutes.

Negative ions effectively neutralize TV and computer static radiation, forming a protective layer for your skin.



For more information:

View Ion Document



High Power Ion Generators:

Bring clean room technology to your environment: see how our high power air cleaning system purifies your room.

This system was made to remove dangerous particles from the air of mail rooms, right after the 911 plane crash and the anthrax scare.


Ion systems are ideal to clear the air in mailrooms, restaurants, bars, and any large areas. If you have a restaurant, I suggest you display a video loop on your front window that demonstrates how ionizers installed inside clean the air and remove smoke so people will know the air inside is safe, attracting more customers to enter your place of business. 


Systems start at $5,000.

More Information: View Ion Generators Document

See Video:



6 feet Mask cover: be safely distanced from others:  $15.00

6 Feet Apart T-shirts really get the idea across!          $15.00

(comes in medium, large, and extra large sizes)



Our 6 feet apart or 6 feet under slogan is my way of letting others know to stay away. The skeleton imagery really grabs their attention!


More Info: View 6 Ft Apart Page


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Happy Smile Mask:

With your smile                

Specify if you want Full Face or Snapshot image



Personalized Smile Screens are made of durable cloth that can be washed and reused

To order, send us a Selfie/photo portrait taken with a light background. When taking the photo, focus the light towards the front of the face, so the lighting is even on both sides.  Photos should be taken in full-front view directly facing the camera at about nose height.  For best results, let someone else take the photo about 5 feet away.  Send your photo to:



Happy Smile Mask cover with your smile, or 6 Feet Under art $15




See Cardi-B, Migos, India’s number one rap star Bohemia, President Clinton, and many more.


When you go into a virtual world, your brain will perceive the visuals as a real experience.

Your memory retention will be higher, and your emotions will be activated as though you were actually there.

It's like you are standing right next to your political candidate or star and they are talking directly to you.

It feels like you could reach out and touch the person. This feels like a real, intimate encounter.


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