Happy Smile Mask

Put on a Happy Face and Brightens Everyone's Day!

happy smile mask
happy smile mask
happy smile mask
happy smile mask
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The Happy Smile Mask is a personalized face mask made to brighten up everyone's day. The Happy Smile Mask is $14.00 each. You can place your order through our ETSY page. Our face mask is a decorative mask cover and not a medical device for protection from Viruses. For protection use the Happy Smile Mask as a cover for a medically approved type of mask under your Happy Smile Cover.

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regular face mask

Regular Face Mask


happy smile mask

Happy Smile Mask

Fun & Recognizable

standard face mask

Standard Mask


cup-style mask

Cup-Style Mask

standard face mask sample
cup-style mask

Smile Screens are made of durable cloth can be washed and reused.

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Personalized Smile Screens:

$14.00 They are made of durable cloth that can be washed and reused with removable foam filter.

Using Your Happy Smile Screen Cover:

full or snapshot photo mask sample

Specify if you want Full Face or Snapshot image

velcro dot

Center the removable foam and press down over the Velcro Dots. These dots will hold the foam in place while you are putting it on. Once the mask is on the Velcro will keep it in place. To put the foam in use a clothes pin clip and pull it in.

Triple layer with Incased Filter Style

face mask on green background

Our Happy Smile Screen looks best over a rectangle folding type mask. The Smile Mask was originally designed as a mask cover for the simple rectangle folding mask. Put the folding rectangle mask on first then put the Smile Mask over the rectangle mask. Our Smile Mask will accommodate a variety of masks including the N95 mask.

Some people use the Smile Mask by itself as a sneeze shield type of mask. For virus protection use the rectangle type of mask.

For better protection use your Smile Screen over a N95 Mask order a large size if you are using an N95 type mask.

Washing your Mask Cover:

The transfers we make are good for five machine washings. If you use a washing machine set to warm gentle cycle, for longer life wash by hand.

We have two types of mask covers come in either single layer or double layer with filter. Wash both the foam and case in warm soapy water gently by hand. Soak for about 20 minutes, hang and let dry.

Our covers are designed to be worn over an existing mask as a decorative cover. Our covers look best when also used with a regular face mask. The Happy Smile Mask is not to be used as a medical device or medical product. Our masks are in not to be used in place of a conventional and/or medically approved protective gear. No warranties are given that claim the Happy Smile Mask will prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.

Ordering your personal Smile Mask:

To order please send me a selphie photo taken with a light colored back ground with the light coming from the front looking directly at the camera and about nose height. For best results have a friend take the photo about five feet away. Masks come in three sizes: Small: 13”, Medium: 14”, and Large: 15”.

When I wear the Happy Smile Screen Mask everyone I talk to loves it! The Happy Smile Screen Mask makes everyone happy.

We have two versions single layer stretch cotton or double layer style:

Single layer style: $14.00. Specify snapshot or full face

front of face mask sample

Single Layer Mask with External Foam Filter

Specify Size (Small, Medium, or Large)

back of face mask sample

Back Side with External Removable Foam Filter

Triple Layer Style: $20

triple layer face mask sample

Double layer with Foam Filter: $20.00. One size fits all.

One Size Fits All

back of triple layer face mask sample


Triple Layer with Plastic Shield: $25

triple layer with shield face mask sample
triple layer with shield face mask sample on black background

Triple Layer with Plastic Shield: $25

Front of Mask with built-in Shield

Mask with built in shield. $24.00 one size fits all

back of Mask with built-in Shield

Back side foam filter and shield are removable

We have a total of 3 choices: Single layer mask with Snapshot or Full Face, in large, medium, or small for $14.00 each or full face or snapshot size image incased filter version for $20.00 each. Add external removable plastic shield for $4.00 extra. Removable filter may not be used with newer designs.

$14.00 Single layer specify, snapshot or full face in small, medium, or large sizes.

$20 Triple layer style one size fits all.

$25.00 Triple layer style with plastic shield

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