Happy Smile Mask

Put on a Happy Face and Brightens Everyone's Day!

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The Happy Smile Mask is a personalized face mask made to brighten up everyone's day. The Happy Smile Mask is $14.00 each. You can place your order through our ETSY page. Our face mask is a decorative mask cover and not a medical device for protection from Viruses. For protection use the Happy Smile Mask as a cover for a medically approved type of mask under your Happy Smile Cover.

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regular face mask

Regular Face Mask


happy smile mask

Happy Smile Mask

Fun & Recognizable

The Happy Smile Mask are made of durable cloth that can be washed and reused.

We suggest for extra protection to use the Happy Smile Mask as covers over the most common type of mask “the disposable ear-loop face mask.” Alternatively, you can also use the Happy Smile Mask over N95 masks too.

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