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MindVR is a cinematic VR content creation company with groundbreaking 3D-360° VR technologies that produce transformational experiences.

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MindVR's 3D-360° VR format brings you as close to reality as possible. Our technique and VR camera rig allows us to record life as it happens with a strong 3D effect, which in turn creates an immersive experience that will make you truly feel like you are standing in the middle of the action!


We also record in a 2D-360° VR format, which is perfect for situations like drone shots or other kinds of quick action videos.

3D Side-By-Side

This format is ideal for filmmakers interested in going larger than the largest screen formats, as well as including a level of depth perception that isn't normally available with regular filmmaking, while still being able to use traditional filmmaking techniques in bring their vision to life.

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