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360° and 3-D VR Production

We are the best company that creates Close-Up 3D 360° Virtual Reality.

See it to believe it!


MindVR is a cinematic VR content creation company with groundbreaking 3D & 360° degree VR technologies that produce transformational experiences.

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Check out and download our cinematic VR videos! We have been working hard to create these revolutionary VR videos that can be seen in 360° panorama AND in 3D.



Award Winner for Most Immersive Experience! Scott Levitan, director of marketing for Google Fiber and a GigHacks judge opined that the experience you’d get from this technology would make you cry.

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Virtual reality is the newest, most cutting-edge medium to capture, share, and relive life's magic. It makes you feel as if you're on the inside, experiencing a film or video live... rather than as just a mere spectator, as with standard video and film.

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MindVR's technology is beyond belief :-) not just 360 panorama, it's 3D too!  

Raj Sodlapur, AR/VR Consultant

Innovative 3D Content

"Brand X" Competitor 3D-360 Rig

Effective range is six feet away. The subject breaks apart if you get closer. And with everything six feet away, the 3D effect is very weak!

Our 3D-360 Rig

Quality live 3D-360 VR video at distances less than one foot, with little post-production work. Getting that close shot is no problem!

Note: 3D content has to be viewed in 3D viewers.