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Ion Mask

Protect Yourself By Investing
in An Ion Mask Today!

ion - before and after
Ions Take Smoke Out of the Air

Standard Ion Mask: $55

ion mask with battery

Includes Rechargeable Power Supply. All Ion Mask Products comes with 5 Extra KN95 Masks

High Output Ion Mask: $75

ion mask

Double Emitter

ion mask

KN95 Mask

battery for ion mask

High Output Rechargeable Battery

Clean Air Technology (2001 Ion Video)

Air Purifier Has the Same Power as Our Ion Mask

Why Choose Ion Mask?

Ion Mask Setup

$55 - Standard Ion Mask (Comes with Rechargeable Battery & 5 Extra KN95 Masks)

$75 - High Output Ion Mask (Comes with High Rechargeable Battery & 5 Extra KN95 Masks)

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For more information about Negative Ions, see our Ion System Flyer from our 9-11 documents from 2001 (click here if you're unable to see the full 9-page document).