Viewing Guide

Download and View on iPhone/iOS Device

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Recommended Settings:


  1. Copy URL (for download or stream)
  2. Launch App Store
  3. Download Mobile VR Station App
    MobileVR Station App Logo
  4. Open Mobile VR Station App
    1. Click Download/Stream Wizard
      Step 1 - Download/Steam Screenshot
    2. Click on Enter Path
      Step 2 - Enter Path Screenshot
    3. Arrive at OK/Cancel box with URL pre-loaded
      Step 3 - OK and Cancel Box Screenshot
    4. Click OK
    5. Scroll to Download Options section and Click Save
      Step 4 - Save Screenshot
    6. Wait for Download to complete (can see progress on screen)
      Step 5 - Download Progress Screenshot
    7. Click on View Downloads
      Step 6 - View Download Screenshot
    8. Click on the Letter "i" Icon on the right of the demo just downloaded
      Step 7 - Click Letter i Icon
    9. Click Edit
    10. Click Playback Type
    11. Select 3D Spherical Top/Bottom
    12. Click Save on the bottom right
    13. Click on demo just Downloaded
      Step 8 - Content Selection Screenshot
    14. Mount phone into glasses / cardboard or HMD
    15. Demo will load and play
    16. Buckle Up & Enjoy!