Viewing Guide

Streaming on Android Device

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Recommended Settings:


  1. Download VR Player Free App
    VR Player App Logo
  2. Open VR Player Free
  3. Click Menu Icon (3 Squares Icon)
    Menu Button Screenshot
  4. Click Open URL
    Open File Screenshot
  5. Input the URL
    Input URL Screenshot
  6. Click on the Format Icon on the top right (it should display as L/R, 2D, or 3D)
    Format Icon Screenshot
  7. Select 3D Over/Under (if it isn't selected)
    Select 3D Over/Under Screenshot
  8. Click on the Projection Icon on the top right (it should display as a circle or rectangle) Projection Icon Screenshot
  9. Select Sphere (if it isn't selected)
    Select Sphere Screenshot
  10. Click on the Viewing Icon on the top right until it shows the VR Glasses icon Viewing Icon Screenshot
  11. Mount phone into glasses / cardboard or HMD
  12. Demo will load and play
  13. Buckle Up & Enjoy!