We have been working hard on creating revolutionary new cinematic VR content for the Oculus Rift and similar devices. That is to say, these are videos which can be seen as a 360° panorama AND in 3D. You can see what we’ve done on this page!

Our videos can be viewed on any HMD, including:

Learn more about how to view our videos. Unless otherwise stated, all 360 videos on this page were filmed and edited by Philippe Van Lieu.

The Black Prince Press Conference

The Black Prince Movie Press Conference

The Black Prince Director and Cast Talks About the Development of the Movie.

Youtube 2D-360
Iifa Awards 2017 Green Carpet

IIFA Awards 2017 - Green Carpet

Stars appear on the green carpet at the 18th IIFA Awards in 2017.

Youtube 2D-360
Aki Kumar Performing

Aki Kumar Performs in 360

Check Out Blues Musician and Harmonica Player Aki Kumar Perform in this 360 VR Shoot with MindVR

Youtube 2D-360
Shah Rukh Khan at San Francisco Film Festival

Shah Rukh Khan Interview and Red Carpet at 60th San Francisco Film Festival

Watch Megastar Shah Rukh Khan in 4K 2-D 360 Virtual Reality

Coming Soon: See him in 3-D 360 VR close up like you're on the red carpet!

Youtube 4K 3D-360 Youtube 4K 2D-360
The Fillmore Slim and Bobbie Webb Revue

The Fillmore Slim and Bobbie Webb Revue

Fillmore Slim and Bobbie Webb collaborate again on stage and deliver a fantastic performance! See the videos in 4K!

Part 1 (Youtube 4K 2D-360) Part 2 (Youtube 4K 2D-360) Part 3 (Youtube 4K 2D-360) Part 4 (Youtube 4K 2D-360)
Bohemia VR Demo

Bohemia's First VR Music Video

Bohemia, the King of Desi Rap, collaborates with MindVR to Create His First VR Music Video! Check it Out!

Youtube 3D-360 VR
MindVR June Demo Thumbnail

MindVR Demos

We've been working hard on producing new cinematic VR content! For a small taste of what we've been working on lately, download this video!

Comparison of 2D-360 and 3D-360 Cinematic VR Formats (262 MB) Youtube 360 VR
June 2015 Demo (69MB)
Con Funk Shun Demo Thumbnail

Con Funk Shun - Live at Yoshi's Oakland.

Live at Yoshi's Oakland: it's the classic funk band, Con Funk Shun! When you watch them sing three full songs for you: Shake & Dance With Me, (Let Me Put) Love On Your Mind, and I'm Leaving You For Me l. Feel free to shake and dance with them!

Demo (104MB) Shake & Dance With Me (238MB) (Let Me Put) Love On Your Mind (256MB) I'm Leaving You For Me (213MB)
Tour of Korea Demo Thumbnail

Tour of Korea - Changgyeonggung Palace, Seoul

Join us on a Tour of Korea! Today, we're visiting one of the most beautiful palaces in Seoul, Changgyeonggung (창경궁) Palace!If you want to know where in the palace you happen to be, simply look down to see the map!

Youtube 360 VR Download for Viewer (126MB)
Terrapin Flyer Demo Thumbnail

Terrapin Flyer - Lay Down Sally

Deadhead fan favorite "Terrapin Flyer" performs "Lay Down Sally" at Club Fox in Redwood City, CA.

Youtube 360 VR Download for Viewer (500MB)
Traveler Behind the Scenes Demo Thumbnail

The Traveler - Behind the Scenes

Our partner, CloserVR, recorded some behind the scene footage on the set of The Traveler in VR!

Youtube 360 VR Download for Viewer (108MB)
Muir Woods Demo Thumbnail

Tour of Muir Woods National

We took our our VR camera to Muir Woods National Monument in Northern California. Nothing like a relaxing tour of one of the most beautiful spots in the SF Bay Area!

Youtube 360 VR Download for Viewer (200MB)

Introducing CloserVR Technology to the Midwest

Watch our introduction to CloserVR Technology with Steelehouse Studio!

Youtube 3D-360 VR
Dr. Harmesh Kumar

Dr. Harmesh Kumar for California State Assembly District 14

Watch a short excerpt from Dr. Harmesh Kumar's fundraising event, including a short intro by Dr. Kumar and praises by two of his associates!

Youtube 3D-360 VR
Simple Real Estate Demo Thumbnail

Simple Real Estate Demo

Looking to sell a property? Or you're in the market but can't drive around all day? We got you covered.

Youtube 3D-360 VR Download for Viewer (97MB)
Fillmore Slim - Player's Ball Demo Thumbnail

Fillmore Slim @ The 2nd Annual Player's Ball

Fillmore Slim was celebrating his 80th birthday at the 2nd Annual Player's Ball on Treasure Island, San Francisco. With him was James Earley and the Super Fly Band. We were there to record a few of his songs!

Filmed at 2nd Annual Players Toast & Roast & 70's Costume Party @ The Oasis Club, Treasure Island, November 1st 2014. Event & Fillmore Slim Performance Produced by: Mark Elliott of A-List Musiq Circle and Gangsta Brown of GB Records Hollywood. Music Provided by MD James Earley & The Super Fly Band

Download for Viewer:

Super Fly (131MB) Skin Tight (65MB) Let's Do It Again (89MB) Closing Medley (107MB)
Fillmore Slim Studio MV Demo Thumbnail

Fillmore Slim Studio Music Videos

We brought Fillmore Slim and his Blues Band to the studio to perform a few songs for us in cinematic VR. He played a few of his own songs, as well as a medley-tribute to James Brown!

Youtube 3D-360 VR Strip Joint (92MB)
SF Virtual Reality Hackathon Demo Thumbnail

SF Virtual Reality Hackathon, October 2014

The first Virtual Reality Hackathon ever took place October 17-19, 2014 at the Gray Area Art & Technology Center in San Francisco, California... and MindVR was there to capture history in the making!

This video gives you a quick tour of the event and of people working diligently on the next generation of VR technology. You may even recognize a few familiar faces!

Youtube 3D-360 VR Download for Viewer (63MB)
Jagged Relics MV Demo Thumbnail

Jagged Relics "Guy Like You" Music Video"

This is our second music video, further testing the limits of our original 360° 3D panorama setup. This is the band Jagged Relics, performing their song, Guy Like You, mixed by Vinson Hudson at London Labs in Redwood City, CA.!

Youtube 3D-360 VR Download for Viewer (52MB)
Shoe String Sue MV Demo Thumbnail

Shoe String Sue "Mr. Right Now" Music Video

This is our first cinematic VR music video! Pretty cool, huh? We made this video for musician Shoe String Sue, who is playing her song, Mr. Right Now.

Youtube 3D-360 VR Download for Viewer (90MB)