What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is the newest, most cutting-edge medium for recording life. It makes the viewer feel as if they are on the inside, experiencing film or video live... rather than just as a mere spectator as with standard video and film. This is where you could experience any environment and fantasy you could possibly imagine in a very realistic way, just like the Holodeck from the TV show Star Trek.

Raja using oculus

To create these videos, we use a specially designed multiple camera unit (patent pending), which has cameras stacked like a multi-eyed pod. Invented by CloserVR's CEO Dave Arendash, and designed by our cinematographer, Philippe Van Lieu, it is used to film performers and the environment from multiple angles at the same time in order to simulate a realistic experience for the viewer.

Of course, this is just the beginning; we are creating more and more VR content and VR music videos, advancing this new revolutionary entertainment medium quickly with every new VR video we make. Please check out our Demos, where you can see our latest videos available for download, as well as find out how you can purchase a cardboard headset for your smartphone so you can see them on your smartphone!